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About CPA

CPA Architecture is an award-winning LEED Accredited Minority and Small Businesses Enterprise with Architectural Licenses in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia and Colorado. Centrally located in the town of West New York: New Jersey (Hudson County) affords us easy access to New York City and the neighboring Bergen, Essex, Sussex and Middlesex counties.

Where We Come From

With a strong background in both Architecture and Construction and the different types of delivery methods; Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build-Construction, our firm has a solid knowledge base in all facets of project development.

Our firm’s vision is the Genesis of two architects who are active in the development process in order to achieve our client needs. Our insight and knowledge of the financial implications and constraints, associated with any type of development project, reinforces our role as your partner in the entire process.

What We Believe

CPA Architecture stands proudly on our core values and ethics. We believe our clients deserve the highest quality work. 

We also believe that we are part of your evolution, an instrumental cog in the process. We’ll be there with you, form the initial schematic design to the grand opening day as your partner and ensure that we provide you with our continuous support. 

Every project, client and site are different. We focus our design based on the client’s particular requirements for each individual development. We approach each project as a unique challenge, fitting in your desires and needs as the primary inspiration. 

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide our clients with our expertise in design, construction and innovative architectural techniques to achieve what our CORE PHILOSOPHY is:

  • Expertise in design

  • Dedication to our clients

  • Innovation that complements our client’s needs in the present, as well as in the future.

 Expert Service

As a firm, we are committed to create innovative design solutions to each client’s aesthetic and budgetary needs. We will provide our clients with our growing knowledge base and technical skills that reflect the latest developments in the construction and building industry. It is our commitment to perform each project with a professional ethic that supports honesty, integrity, accountability and respect among and for our clients, colleagues, community and environment all while assuring our clients, a prompt and timely delivery of consistently high-quality services.


CPA Architecture is immersed in the latest industry leading techniques. Our expertise in Building Information Modeling BIM allows us to create stunning 3D representations and virtual reality that lets the client see what the end project will look like once completed.

architecture firm New Jersey New York Connecticut


Our design strategy focuses on the four factors that influence cash flow and are easily capitalized upon through multi-family projects: location, condition, rental price, and demographics (who will rent)/psychographics (why they rent).


To combine quality architecture and cinema is to create an irresistible space that draws the crowds to the silver screen over and over again. Our approach makes sure that you achieve that goal within your budget.

architecture firm New Jersey New York Connecticut


Our designers create unique and comfortable spaces that can grow and evolve with the business. Our skilled artisans and craftsman incorporate creative and one of a kind elements that set your space apart from the rest.




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